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Resident Evil 4 Movie Mp4 Download

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Six years after the events in Raccoon City, Leon Kennedy, now a federal agent, is sent to a rural part of Spain to rescue the U.S. President's kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham from a sinister cult.

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original title: Resident Evil 4

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller

imdb: 8

tags: Evil evolves

keywords: playstation3, microsoftwindows, survivalhorror, thirdpersonshooter, singleplayer, nintendowii, timebomb, police, agent, village, force, running, destruction, cabin, virus, pistol, face, cult, nintendo

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In 1998, Raccoon City, a small mountainside town, was hit by an outbreak of the t-virus. Practically all it's residents were turned into flesh eating creatures. A nuclear missile was fired at the city and the city, along with the t virus, was destroyed, along with Umbrella, who admitted to the incident. 6 years have passed since that horrendous incident, Leon S Kennedy, one of the survivors, is a trained agent who's responsibility is to take care of the president's family. On his first day, he is sent to a remote village in Europe, armed with only a 9mm pistol, to save the president's daughter, who was apparently kidnapped.. After a nasty encounter with a strange man in a cabin, Leon is left in the village with his two police escorts dead. Now he must find Ashley in a village full of hostile locals. In 1998, an outbreak of the T-Virus, created by the international pharmaceutical company Umbrella, devastated the small midwestern town of Raccoon City, turning the population into contagious zombies. After a week of attempting to deal with the situation, the President was forced to use a nuclear weapon to destroy the city. Six years later, Leon S. Kennedy, a former police officer and survivor of the Raccoon City disaster, is part of a government agency under the direct control of the President. The day before hs is supposed to start his first assignment, protecting the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, she is kidnapped, surfacing later in rural Europe. Leon is sent to retrieve her, but what he will discover is a new kind of horror that makes Raccoon City pale in comparison. Too bad you can't give out negative votes. Well, where should i start. Ow yes, graphics, the first thing that i remarked when i opened the game was that i could actually count the pixels of each letter that was in the menu. I know simple is good but this is freaking me out, i can't set up anything in this game, well... i can invert look and change how i select items... wow... that's awesome (for those who haven't heard of sarcasm, well... IT'S NOT AWESOME!!). I launched the game using it's launcher and not the game executable and i entered setup the only thing that i could change regarding the graphics was the resolution (hint: resolution isn't the only thing that makes the game look better). The controls were quite simple, w s a d for movement and the shift keys for other stuff, what they don't tell you is that you can press " i " in the game for inventory and i think there are other hidden controls that i don't know about, it didn't captivate my attention for that long so that i could search for them. OK, i go back in the game and hit listen to the whole cutscene in the beginning. The first thing i noticed was that the graphics weren't that brilliant as you people said they would be, the chars had a low number of polygons, the wheels were close to cubes instead of nice round cilinders, i hope you get my point (i have to agree, compared to other RE games the graphics here rock, compared to other games they suck). So, here i am a blonde dude with a gun in my hand. My first obvious move was to use my mouse to observe the surroundings, this hit me like a brick, i couldn't use my mouse. How can you play a shooter with no mouse to aim? That's like trying to play tennis with no hands. I thought "well, i must not have targets that need careful aiming then", i was wrong. I walked along the path and my cell phone rang, i was having a conversation with some chick, another thing that struck me was the size of the subtitles, they were big enough to be seen like 5 meters away from the screen. The chick told me to go in to the village, so i did. I found a house, there were some cutscenes that indicated that someone was inside the house, i went in and this guy came at me with a freaking axe. You can't imagine how hard it was for me to aim at the dude; after a couple of shots he was down, i thought he was dead... he wasn't, it seems that ppl go down and then they come up again so you obviously have to shoot then while they are down too, that's pretty hard without a mouse to aim with. After i killed that dude another cutscene stopped me from exploring, i pressed ESC to quit it and went upstairs where, at the end of the stairs i found a table. i was like "wtf dude?no rooms? just a freaking table?!" i got some ammo, jumped out the window because the door was being blocked from the outside by some rednecks. Here i was, a lonely blonde dude, with a gun, no reload button, 3 bullets left in my chamber (i got some ammo from the table but i didn't know how to reload, no button to assign to reload, "R" didn't work) and 3 dudes after me. Two came out the window and another was waiting outside. I shot a dude 3 times he went down then i noticed another funny part, i find it normal but considering the fact that you can't aim and move at the same time, this thing sucks: i rand out of bullets and because i didn't want to wait to reload i used my knife to attack the second dude, guess what? he could attack me because he had a long blade and i couldn't reach him with my knife, funny eh? Switched to my firearm, by this time the guy that was waiting outside reached me, the guy that i shot was back up (i shot him in the head... 3 times... WTF?! he still gets up?!) so i was facing 3 dudes. By the time they were all down i had 3 health left, out of 7 i think. I'm not saying that i couldn't have done this without loosing health but it's difficult without having a mouse to aim with + you can't run (and if you can they don't tell you what button to press because there isn't any in the controller setup window and you have no tutorials in the game) your char only walks, and even if you could run, you can't walk/run and shoot at the same time. When i saw my char limping i knew this was the end of this game. I hit escape and tried to exit the game, if you think what you've heard was funny listen to this, it wasn't enough i had to put up with this sh***y game i couldn't exit it either, you can't exit the game after you begin to play it, you have to use alt+f4 to quit it, nobody tells you that either.

I exited and uninstalled. This is one of the worse games i've played and trust me, i've been playing games since 95, i have finished a few (modesty strikes) and i have played a wide variety of games.

This is my opinion as a more than average gamer. This is the best Resisdent Evil game ever.I have played nearly all the others.I enjoyed them,got scared a few times but,the game play style itself simply became,old,repetitive and annoying.The only thing that made them good was the new story lines and graphical enhancements.Resident Evil 4 release couldn't have at a better if not perfect timing as it was starting to slip away.Shinji Mikami is a genius.Too those who have played the RE games but haven't played RE4,I'll tell you this.RE4 has a completely different style of game play.You use briefcases instead of the annoying boxes,the controls are smoother and easier,you have many more upgrades and most of all,NO MORE BLOODY INK RIBBON!Play this at night,not day.It's more scary that way.All in all,the best RE game and Survival horror game ever made so far.This is definitely worth a purchase.I give this a 9.5/10.I hope my advice was useful,have fun. 4. "A Strange Pasture", 5. "A Ruined Village", 6. "Ganado II", 7. "Serenity", 8. "Ganado III", 9. "Del Lago", 10. "Noche", 11. "El Gigante", 12. "Echo in the Night", 13. "Bitores Mendez", 14. "Hard Road to the Castle", 15. "Game Over", 16. "Catapult", 17. "Garrador", 18. "Ganado IV", 19. "Cold Sweat", 20. "Target Practice", 21. "Novistadors", 22. "Central Hall", 23. "Agony", 24. "Evil Malaise", 25. "Death From Above", 26. "Crazy Cultist Drivers", 27. "Bad Vibes", 28. "Verdugo", 29. "Robo-Salazar", 30. "Tower of Death", 31. "Salazar", 32. "Save Theme",

Disc 2 [Aggressive Side] (1:16:25)

1. "Infiltration", 2. "Ganado V", 3. "Regenerador", 4. "U-3", 5. "Path to Closure", 6. "Krauser" , 7. "Back-Up", 8. "Final Battle", 9. "The Escape", 10. "Horizon", 11. "Sorrow (Ending Credits)", 12. "Result", 13. "The Mercenaries", 14. "The Mercenaries~Leon", 15. "The Mercenaries~Ada", 16. "The Mercenaries~Krauser", 17. "The Mercenaries~Hunk", 18. "The Mercenaries~Wesker", 19. "Assignment Ada", 20. "Assignment Ada End Roll ~tarde", 21. "Assignment Ada End Roll ~noche", 22. "the another order", 23. "Ganado VI", 24. "Interlude", 25. "Intention", 26. "Shipyard", 27. "End and Aim", 28. "The Enemy", 29. "Time Limit", 30. "The Another End", To not anger the new Japanese bureau of youth protection CERO, Capcom censored Biohazard 4 in terms of violence as well as the physics of Ashleys breast. The Wii version, released in 2007, which earned a rating of 17+ instead of 18+, was censored even worse. No. The game itself indicates that the first victim killed by Leon is not a zombie (probably also meant as an in-joke). Prior to the release of RE4, the creators have also stated several times that there would be NO zombies in the game.

That is, no TYPICAL zombies. The word zombie is normally associated with a reanimated corpse that has little intelligence, merely driven by a hunger for flesh of the living, as was the case in the earlier Resident Evil games and many horror movies as well. In the RE chronology, the zombies arose from a virus infection. The victims experienced cellular reorganization, their conciousness was complete erased, and their higher brain functions (intelligence) were severely deteriorated, leaving a creature driven only by instinctual desire for food and killing, without any outside control. In addition, as the zombies manifested themselves after the victims' death, they always moved slow and limping, probably as a side-effect of rigor mortis (except for the Crimson Head zombies).

The humans in Resident Evil 4 are victims of infection by an intelligent parasite, which attaches itself to the central nervous system in order to control the host's actions (similar to the aliens in Robert Heinleins novel The Puppet Masters). In this case, no large-scale cellular reconstruction seems to take place in the 'Ganados', the victims that still appear human (not that we know off, that is). Only in special creatures, like El Gigante (the giant cave troll-like creature) and the Regenerators, there seems to be a thorough change in the host's physiology. In any way, the host's conciousness, individuality and intelligence are repressed, but they gain the intelligence and personality of the parasite that infected them. Their hostility seems to be a deliberate act to disable opponents, not just an instinctive urge for gathering food. Since they have not physically died, they also retain their speed and agility. So they are not zombies in the classical meaning of the word. What they do have in common is that they have no free will and individuality; however, contrary to the zombies, the parasites seem to be part of a hierarchy, accepting orders from superior parasites. Beginning, in the cabin:

¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón!

Translation: What the #### are you doing here? Get the hell out, you bastard!

Village, after the church bells start ringing:

Ganado 1: La campana.

Ganado 2: Es hora de rezar.

Ganado 3: Tenemos que irnos.


Ganado 1: The bell.

Ganado 2: It is time to pray.

Ganado 3: We have to go.

Chief's house, muffled conversation

Ganado 1: Hay un rumor de que hay un extranjero entre nosotros.

Ganado 2: Nuestro jefe se cuidará de la rata.

Ganado 1: Su "la plaga" es mucho mejor que la nuestra.

Ganado 2: Tienes razón, es un hombre.


Ganado 1: There is a rumor that there is a stranger among us.

Ganado 2: Our boss will take care of the rat.

Ganado 1: His "La Plaga" is a lot better than ours.

Ganado 2: You're right, he is a man.

The Island, the helicopter raid, after defeating Krauser:

Soldier 1: Verifica la presión de esa válvula

Soldier 2: Ve tú.

Soldier 3: ¡Hey, aquí!

Soldier 1: ¿Viste algo?

Soldier 4: No hay problema.

Soldier 1: Llénalos de pólvora.


Soldier 1: Verify the pressure of that valve.

Soldier 2: You go!

Soldier 1: Did you see anything?

Soldier 4: There's no problem.

Soldier 1: Get them full of gunpowder.

(Courtesy of Jack White, Daniel Valles and DECAF on Resident Evil 0: - Rebecca Chambers (alive), Billy Coen (alive), Albert Wesker (alive), William Birkin (alive), Edward Dewey (deceased), James Marcus (deceased), Enrico Marini (alive), Kevin Dooly (unknown, but he probably died during the game).

Resident Evil 1 - Stars Alpha team - Chris Redfield (alive), Jill Valentine (alive), Barry Burton (alive), Josef Frost (deceased), Albert Wesker (deceased, later brought back to life), Brad Vickers (alive).

Stars Bravo team - Rebecca Chambers (alive), Richard Aiken (deceased), Kenneth Sullivan (deceased) Forest Speyer (deceased), Enrico Marini (deceased), Kevin Dooly (deceased).

Resident Evil 2 - Leon S Kennedy (alive), Claire Redfield (alive), Ada Wong (alive), Sherry Birkin (alive), Annette Birkin (deceased), Ben Bertolucci (deceased), Chief Brian Irons (deceased), Robert Kendo (deceased), William Birkin (deceased), Marvin Branagh (deceased).

Resident Evil 3 - Jill Valentine (alive), Carlos Olivera (alive), Mikhail Victor (deceased), Nicholai Ginovaef (unknown), Brad Vickers (deceased), Dario Rosso (deceased), Tyrell Patrick (deceased), Murphy Seeker (deceased), Barry Burton (alive, cameo appearence).

Resident Evil : Code Veronica - Claire Redfield (alive), Steve Burnside (deceased), Alfred Ashford (deceased), Alexia Ashford (deceased), Chris Redfield (alive), Albert Wesker (alive), Rodrigo Juan Raval (deceased).

By the time of Resident Evil 4, the fates of Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, Carlos Oliveira and Sherry Birkin after their respective appearances have not been revealed, but they are presumed to be still alive. Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Barry Burton have all been confirmed to be alive and safe in extended stories.


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